Dent Repair Services in Bolton

Mike The Mechanic Inc auto repair specialists remove dents from your car, truck or SUV. Protecting it from damages that might occur due to a collision, hail storm and other elemental outside influences. We offer seamless advanced paintless dent removal technology that will leave your vehicle looking like new again.

Advanced Technology Dent Repair

In the past, technicians repaired a dent by grinding it, smoothing the metal and then applying filler. The area was then sanded, primed and then repainted. The process was lengthy, toxic and much more expensive. Today’s methods for repairing dents are much more efficient.

Car Dent Restoration

A dent in your car is no laughing matter. It is embarrassing and frustrating, especially if the dent isn’t even your fault in the first place! Fellow motorists see you on the road and you can tell they are judging you and your driving skills. That big dent on your bumper, will make it look as though you can’t drive or park properly and get into accidents frequently. You know this is what other drivers will think because the majority of motorists think this way, including yourself.

Preconceptions on the road or in a parking lot can cause some serious issues so it’s best to fix the damage before your reputation as a driver gets damaged. Not to mention, not correcting a dent in your car could possibly contribute to added damage like rusting or corrosion. Value the vehicle you drive in and get that horrible dent repaired, today with our exceptional top quality services!

No Fillers. No Bondo. No Lengthy Delays

Paintless dent removal is an advanced auto repair process that eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and is completed much faster than dent removal methods used in the past. The need for a loaner car while you wait for days until your dents are repaired is a thing of the past. Just think, how amazing would it be to walk into a car repair shop and leave soon thereafter with your vehicle fixed up and ready to go?

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  • More cost effective than traditional dent removal methods
  • Chemical and filler free
  • Preserves the original factory paint and finish of your vehicle
  • Less time consuming
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Performed by qualified Mike The Mechanic Inc technicians while you wait

Paintless dent removal has been used by car dealerships and rental agencies to maintain their vehicles for decades. Today, vehicle owners can also benefit from this advanced repair process that cuts waiting time and costs in half! No one wants to wait around a mechanics shop all day, believe us we know! No matter how friendly and inviting the staff may be, it’s a waste of your time. We know that our clients are busy and want to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.

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If your vehicle has undergone extensive damage, paintless dent removal may not be sufficient to repair your vehicle. We invite you to visit our auto repair center for a free estimate from a trained Mike The Mechanic Inc specialist to obtain cost effective automotive solutions and personalized service. Call us to schedule an appointment and speak to a repair expert.