Dent Repair in Brampton

Vehicle dent repair is not a straightforward process. It requires detailed and skilled workmanship using the most advanced equipment and tools, and can often take a number of days or even weeks to complete. It does however have a number of serious advantages. Dent repair is a much cheaper alternative purchasing expensive part or even forking out for a new car altogether. This is particularly true if you happen to drive a custom-built car. Aside from saving you money the other main advantage of advanced dent repair is that allows you to continue driving your car for longer while ensuring that any problems are addressed.

At Mike The Mechanic Inc we have helped repair thousands of cars in Brampton since we first opened our doors. Most of the dent repair work that we carry out is for vehicles that have been involved in accidents, collisions or a crash of some type. However, the skill and experience of our team combined with the most up to date materials mean that we are just at adept at fixing smaller problems such as such as door dings, scratches and bangs. Whatever the size, shape or location of the dent on your vehicle it is important that you invest in a service you can trust.

Our Service

Upon bringing your vehicle to us the first thing that our team of mechanic will do is establish what needs to be done. This involves a thorough appraisal of the vehicle by our skilled repair technicians and an estimated cost of the work. From there we will provide you with an estimated work order of what need to be done and if agreed upon by you then we will be able to commence the repair. As with all of our services, this order can be modified as needed to fit your needs and priorities. However, we do recommend that you make us aware of any strict budget restrictions or time constraint that cannot be compromised on in advance of our work beginning.

We promise to consult with you along every step of the way in the dent repair process and will keep you fully aware of any decisions we make and why we made them. This not only keeps you fully informed on our process but will hopefully help reduce any future dents or damage to your vehicle.

Beware of Hail Damage

While the most common causes of dents in Brampton are misplaced shopping carts, swinging car doors or automatic car wash services, many drivers often overlook the potential damage that hail can cause. As you know, thunderstorms in Brampton can be brutal. Hail, sleet and even heavy rain can wreak havoc on your car’s physical integrity. This can cause serious dents and should be avoided whenever possible. Indoor parking availability or a cover will help avoid the worst of this damage.